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Our birth center is now in network with Medicaid STAR Superior Health Plan and Ambetter Health Insurance. We serve the entire Central Texas area and are expanding to a larger birth center space to serve even more families! Now accepting birth center patients for Fall 2023


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Birth Center Services

Ushering in New Life offering safe natural birth and water birth


Good Things To Know

Our birth center offers prenatal, natural birth and postpartum care.  Victoria partners with Joan Doglio Smith CNM with Abundance Midwifery Service to provide the exceptional care that comes with a partner approach to serving families in the childbearing year.  We accept STAR Medicaid Superior Health plan and Ambetter Insurance.

Philosophy of Practice

❀ Families have the right to seek medically safe maternity care that fits their lifestyle and recognizes and respects their individual needs. HomeBirth with Victoria follows the tenets of the Midwifery Model of Care, found here on the Midwives Alliance of North American website: Our goal is always to incorporate informed choice and shared decision making with our clients.


❀​ Childbirth is a normal, healthy process and transformative time. The role of the midwife is to support and promote this normal process while recognizing and addressing any deviations from normal. Confidence in this normal process is promoted in all aspects of prenatal care, labor and delivery, and postpartum care.


❀ ​Family, as defined by the client, is the cornerstone of our social structure. Family members, including siblings, should be involved in the childbearing experience to whatever extent the family desires and can accommodate. 


❀ ​Education is an essential part of quality midwifery care. With knowledge freely exchanged, families are able to assume shared responsibility for and make informed choices as their unique process unfolds. Local resources for classes will be freely shared.


❀Student midwives are an essential part of the midwifery community. In order to continue the tradition of teaching others this sacred work, HomeBirth with Victoria provides direct supervision for no more than one-two students in all aspects of care.

Philosophy of Practice
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Victoria Meinhardt, LM, CPM

Manor Birth Sanctuary

Manor, TX 78653

Office 512-653-7892  FAX 833-965-0910

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I am Ripe

Pregnancy is a numinous and magical sate. It is a time when the barrier between the conscious and unconscious realms thins. It is a time to feel the presence of another soul developing alongside your own. It is a time when inner voices offer wise counsel louder and more clearly than usual, when we become aware that life is a continuum, when a woman may experience a bodily sense that everything around her is alive. Our connection to the cellular mystery of life is vibrantly stark and immediate. When you are pregnant, the polite and restrictive masks of everyday life that we have each created to survive can be stripped away, and you are immersed in the very juice of existence. No matter how many pictures of fetuses you look at or how many scientific facts you ingest, pregnancy remains a stunning, not-quite-possible-to-grasp marvel, a naked connection to the enigma of life. You can’t escape the awe-and why would you want to?


~Jennifer Louden, from The Pregnant Woman’s Comfort Book

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