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Prenatal, labor and delivery and postpartum services in a community setting. Home and Birth Center birth offered. Compassionate and trauma informed care for low risk clients. Currently partnering with Joan Doglio Smith, CNM of Abundance Midwifery Service to provide a full scope of midwifery service for the childbearing year and beyond

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Midwife Services

Working as a Team to Usher In New Life



Located in Manor, TX just off 130 and 973, this birth center is a small, open model birth center, meaning that community midwives servicing low risk clients may utilize the center for labor and delivery of their clients. We are in a unique position, located east of Austin, TX in an area where most laboring women are driving to an Austin hospital to give birth. We hope to serve the surrounding area with our full scope midwifery practice.



  • Full prenatal care - clients are seen monthly till 28-30 weeks, then seen biweekly till 36 weeks, then once a week till delivered

  • Expected pregnancy testing with informed consent

  • Midwife presence for labor and delivery

  • Postpartum care for mother and baby up to 6 weeks after the birth.

  • Home visits are provided for the 36th week visit and the first postpartum visit after birth

  • 24/7 access to a midwife for the entirety of your care

Prenatal and Postpartum Visits

It's important to spend enough time with a client to understand the mother/baby dyad. In that spirit, plan to spend at least one hour with the midwife at each appointment. This gives us enough time to address nutritional needs, emotional well being and vitals signs for mother and baby.

Any lab work that needs to be done is performed in house. Sonograms are referred out to midwife friendly collaborative providers.

                                       Labor and Delivery 

Clients may birth in their own home or choose to birth in the Manor Birthing Sanctuary beginning in September 2022

We have offices in two locations for your convenience:

North Austin: 13805 Ann Place, Austin, TX 78728 

Manor Birth Sanctuary 7103 Wells Trace Manor, TX 78653

For more information regarding Midwife and birth center services, please contact Victoria at 512-653-7892 or email her at 

Manor Birth Sanctuary is an open model birth center located in Manor, TX, just off 130 and 973. Community midwives may inquire as to whether there is space available for a low risk client to utilize the center for labor and delivery.

We are excited to offer this service in an area that is underserved by hospitals and midwives, yet due to our proximity to Austin, we are less than 20 minutes from St David's Medical Center. It is our hope that we will be able to serve birthing families in this growing area.


Currently our providers are in network with Medicaid. Our facility is newly licensed and we are in process of getting approval for Medicaid coverage, which will greatly expand our ability to serve more families.

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