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See what others have to say about Victoria's care:


For anyone in Central TX who is looking for a midwife, Victoria Meinhardt is truly gifted and one of the best.

                       Mercedes Cooper, previous client and prenatal yoga instructor

I am a nurse, and this means I put a great deal of value in autonomy, safety and empowering people to care for themselves. I expect so much from those I partner with for the healthcare of my family. Victoria was actively supportive of my choices, ensuring that I understood testing and planning options. She had such a calm demeanor and was very knowledgeable. I chose out of hospital birth for this last baby (2018) because I had delivered in a hospital and at a birthing center in previous pregnancies. By this point, I felt very comfortable with my body’s ability to manage labor and to heal without undue interference. I figured I knew what to expect. Throughout the pregnancy, she reminded me of my own wisdom for the work I set out to do. It was very reassuring.

When the big day arrived, I had been through over two weeks of impressive (but useless) contractions in the August heat. I was ready to do whatever I needed to! I’ll never forget how reassuring it was to talk to her in those trying days, when she offered me practical ways to relieve the pain.

One night we called a bit after 2 am, panicked at waking to an unexpectedly fast labor and she beat us to the birthing center. None of this was in my plan, so I was scared and overwhelmed with the intensity. She kept her cool and caught Lily Beth moments after I arrived. Births like this can have very dangerous consequences, but there I was, alive and well, shocked, and holding a healthy little girl thanks to her skill.

It took me quite a while to process what had taken place, and she stayed with us as long as we needed. Her warmth and calmness helped me get through the most agonizing and bewildering moments of my life.

                                                                                                                                       -Amy Roedl, MSN, RN-BC

Victoria was a HUGE reason I was able to have a successful VBAC. Not only was it successful, it was incredible! She was my midwife for our second baby boy. I remember how terrified I was going forward with a VBAC, after hearing from so many about the risks. She was by my side the whole journey rooting me on and reassuring me that this is what our bodies were created to do. She brought me so much peace by always taking time to answer all of our questions, going above and beyond to quiet my fears.

When the big moment came, I was a nervous wreck until I heard Victoria's voice come into the room right as I was hitting active labor. She said “oh yeah baby, that’s what I like to see” as I am writhing in pain on my hands and knees. My pain subsided so much because I knew I was in the best hands. From the moment she entered the room to the moment we went home with our precious baby boy weighing in at 9 lbs 5 oz, she was the perfect amount of patience and pushy coaching that I needed. Anyone that experiences a birth with her will be forever grateful for her incredible ability to help bring our little miracles into this world. 



                                                                                                                      April Myers

Words can’t fully describe the depth of my gratitude for Victoria and her calm confidence throughout our birthing and postpartum care. She took me on as a late transfer at 37 weeks when I had been struggling with my midwives during covid. My first call with Victoria I laughed and cried and began to feel sane again. My delivery exceeded all of my expectations. Her professionalism paired with her nurturing and energetic side put me right at ease that our family was in capable hands. She’s delivered more than 1000 babies and it shows. I can not recommend her enough. She helped make our dream birth a reality and as stressful as a late transfer is, it was totally worth it to have met and worked with Victoria. We are forever grateful to her for helping guide us and bringing our little boy into the world.


                                                                                                                        Amanda C

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